When to See a Doctor for My Knees?

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There are many conditions in which you may want to see a knee doctor. Most likely, the identifying reason that can be common to almost all of these conditions is the presence of pain. This pain can be further categorized in its severity and the cause of such ache.

In having said this, you can choose your knee doctor according to pain severity, likely cause or recognized symptoms. The knee doctors can be the following:

Primary Care Providers or Internists

Primary care providers (PCP) or internists can be your best bet for a knee doctor when the symptoms that you are experiencing are mild to moderate or if you do not know anything yet about the underlying cause of pain and discomfort. These doctors will determine the likely cause and then they may refer you to  an orthopedic surgeon, a sports med specialist or a rheumatologist depending on the findings.

Orthopedic Surgeons

These doctors are specialists with special training in the conditions of our musculoskeletal system. As a knee doctor, he may recommend treatment that will involve medications, physical rehabilitation, steroid injections or surgical knee replacements.

Sports Medicine Doctors

When the cause of your condition is sports related, your knee doctor can be a sports medicine specialists. These doctors are expert in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries. They will determine whether you need a straight forward treatment or you a recommended for a surgical procedure. If you are, it is most likely that an orthopedic surgeon will be called on for further evaluation


There are times when the knee pains are caused by chronic diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis or osteoarthritis. In these cases, there is a specialist that is trained to treat such diseases. Your knee doctor can be a rheumatologist.

Self-care or Self-Management of Knee Conditions

Sometimes patients tend to self-manage their knee conditions other than see a knee doctor immediately. This is fine as long as the symptoms and characteristics are deemed to be mild and are less likely to be an emergency situation. For arthritic patients, they can alleviate or control their discomfort with diet and exercise to lose the excess weight that worsens it.

There are other self-care procedures, take for example the following:


You can find that a thing as simple as taking it slow can be miraculous to any condition. Aside from slowing down, one can also opt for choosing alternate activities that are less extraneous


Ice application for every 15 to 20 minutes a few times each day is recommended to alleviate the pain


If you want to control the inflammation, then you can wrap a bandage to the area. It will warm the knee and eventually help you  with the swelling


Keeping your feet raised will help the pain and the inflammation get controlled.


NSAIDS are over-the-counter medications that are usually prescribed by a knee doctor or even primary care specialists. These medications will relieve the pain but it is still recommended to consult a knee doctor or a medical professional when taking down medications.

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