Why does my knee hurt?

The knee is an essential joint in the movement of the body. It is involved in a lot of movements ranging from simple bending or squatting to complex athletic exercises. If you find yourself asking, “Why does my knee hurt?” then, there might be something wrong or there might’ve something you did wrong.

Age and the natural deterioration of the body over time is a reason for pain in the knee. As one grows older, the body is not only more susceptible to tear and wear but is also slower in repairing and replacing damaged tissues. Ailments like arthritis are also a big issue when it comes to pain in the knee.

However, if this isn’t the case and you are still fairly young, injuries or trauma to the area may be to blame. Athletes are often the askers of the question, “why does my knee hurt?” as they train continuously, often vigorously, causing a condition known as runner’s knee. While there are many reasons as to why your knee hurts, here are the most common ones:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle –often an underrated reason. Excess body weight puts a greater impact and pressure on the ankle and the knee. Moreover, an unhealthy diet can cause degeneration of tissues and bones in the body. Smoking can also contribute as it limits the blood’s supply of oxygen and delays the repair of tissue
  • Overuse and injury-heavy exercise coupled with improper forms and improper regimen without enough breaks in between sets can cause the ligaments and tendons in the knee to wear and become irritated, causing pain and injury. Rest is the best medicine in this case.
  • Arthritis –for older people, the lack of lubrication in the joints causing them to grind (often painfully)
  • Biomechanics (weak muscles, flat feet, and improper posture) –if your leg and hip muscles are weak and your posture is incorrect, it is highly likely that your knee might be working more than it should in order to compensate for the weight and pressure that is being distributed unevenly on your body. Flat feet too cause the ankle and knee to bear more pressure than it should.

It is evident that there is no specific answer to the question: “Why does my knee hurt?” Thereare several contributing factors that could pin point what exactly it is that is ailing your knee. It is also possible that there is a worse, underlying condition that causes the pain. However, it is likely that the reason for the pain in your knee is mentioned above. Treatment for mild cases of knee pain should be easy.

However, if none of those mentioned above corresponds to your situation and you are still questioning, “Why does my knee hurt?”, it is best to consult with a doctor or an accredited health care provider as your case may be very specific or severe. They are the ones who have an extensive knowledge on the topic and are more likely to provide you with an apt treatment for your specific problem regarding your knee.

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